Earl Grey Chiffon Cake

Hehe, it’s my first attempt at chiffon cake and what can i say ? I’m pretty dang pleased with the results ! The chiffon cake had everything a chiffon cake should have . It was cottony, spongy , bouncy and the earl grey tea brought out a hint of milkiness .   #12 Earl Grey … Continue reading

French Toast sans Milk

I swear it’s not burned ! it’s the pan ! Preparing food for guests that could only tolerate little or no dairy products is a toughjob . You’ll have to click through pages and pages on the internet in order to find a recipe that doesn’t require any of it .Furthermore, when you’re unable to … Continue reading

Coffee Walnut Cookies

I haven’t made cookies in a long time . Making cookies is such a tedious job compared to baking cakes . All the shaping, rolling, arranging kills my patience so making cookies are never my priority . Today’s you-give-what-your-sister-wants day so¬† when she wants cookies, she gets cookies !   #11 Coffee Walnut Cookies Recipe … Continue reading

Orange Opera Cake

Pardon me, the layers aren’t perfect . This cake’s for my dad . He just turned 50 today. Happy birthday daddy ! Love you ! ” Thank you for who I am and thank you for all the things I’m not ” : Il Divo – Mama #10 Initially, I tweaked this recipe to be … Continue reading

Almond Biscotti

  Coffee is not my cup of tea . Feeling under the weather after I drank a cup of coffee yesterday afternoon. At first, it was just migraines, then it worsen to vomiting and insomnia . Oh lord, remind me to never drink coffee anymore .   #9 Biscotti is literally cookies without butter so … Continue reading

Egg Tarts

  Telling a joke to someone who doesn’t understand your joke is so dang awkward , especially when you’re conversing via text messages .. Don’t you agree? It would go like this : Me : Joke -> That Person : ” Haha, Okay ” -> Me : ” What?.. ” Lesson learnt , never joke … Continue reading