Skinny Mashed Potatoes with Mushroom Gravy

  Much to my parents’ dismay, potatoes were never my favorite vegetable ever since I was a little kid. The grainy texture of potatoes made it difficult to swallow and its one -toned taste didn’t intrigued me at all, but the weird thing is I wouldn’t mind eating sweet potatoes but I would never eat … Continue reading


Ever since I watched Ratatouille when I was 10, I was in awe, not by Remy, ( okay, I admit,  maybe a little but.. ) but of this dish that was cooked by Remy towards the end of the movie . I always thought this dish was some ingenious invention by some animator that worked … Continue reading

Raspberry Lemon Ombre Cake

  Yes, you got it right , it’s another dessert recipe . ha-ha . I’m kinda getting bored of the process of making cakes, especially the parts where you have to mix the cake batter and frosting . It takes forever . Oh, how I wish I accepted my mum’s offer to buy a stand … Continue reading