Egg Tarts


Telling a joke to someone who doesn’t understand your joke is so dang awkward , especially when you’re conversing via text messages .. Don’t you agree?

It would go like this :

Me : Joke -> That Person : ” Haha, Okay ” -> Me : ” What?.. ”

Lesson learnt , never joke via text messages .



Egg Tarts

Recipe from Wendy ( Table for 2 .. or more )

The crust of these egg tarts were rather flaky , the sides would crumble a little when you’re handling it, so handle with caution kay ? On the other hand , the texture of the egg custard fulfilled the requirements of an egg tart, smooth, milky and eggy . Do give this a try though, it doesn’t require the cutting-butter-with-flour method so it’s a pretty friendly recipe that would definitely be worth your time and effort .


Pastry Crust :

250 grams of plain flour

150 grams of butter ( room temperature )

2 Tablespoons of castor sugar

1 egg yolk


1. Cream butter, egg yolk and castor sugar in a large bowl


2. Add in flour and mix well .*Caution : the flour and butter mixture would make a mess if you used a small bowl .  * If pastry is sticky, add a teaspoon of flour into the dough but be aware that a little too much flour would make the pastry dry .


3. Bring the pastry to a ball and transfer it to a surface covered with a sheet of plastic.


4. Cover the dough with another sheet of plastic and start rolling the dough with a rolling pin until the dough is approx 4mm thick .

5. Stamp out approx 9 cm to 10 cm circles of pastry with a pastry cutter .


6. Transfer each circle into your foil tart cases and smooth the dough into the tart cases . ( Remove excess dough from the cases by inverting the cases on a hard surface and push then invert the cases back again . Lightly brush the rims of the cases with your finger tip and the excess dough would fall off ) .

7. Refrigerate the tart cases for 2 hours .


Egg Custard Filling :

3 Eggs

150 grams of Castor Sugar

150 grams of Hot Water

250 grams of Milk

1/4 teaspoon of Vanilla Essence

1/8 teaspoon of Salt (  * I used a pinch of sea salt

1 Egg White ( remains from the egg used for the pastry )


1. Melt sugar in hot water and mix well.

2. Pour milk into sugar water mixture followed by vanilla essence and salt.

3. Lightly beat the whole eggs and egg white in a bowl then pour into mixture .


4. Sieve egg mixture then store in the fridge in a container or use immediately .


Assembly :


1. Remove cold tart crust from the refrigerator and pour equal amount of egg mixture in each crust .

2. Bake at 180 C for fan forced oven or 200 C for conventional oven for 25 minutes or until the egg custard in the tarts look like they’re set and wobbles .

3. When egg tarts are cool enough to handle, remove the egg tarts from the tart cases by inverting it onto your palm and use a tooth pick to prick one side of the tart then gently pull the toothpick downwards .



Are you intrigued yet ?








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