I’m not a professional eater nor am i a trained chef . Eating has never been my thing, i can’t deny the fact that i love eating good food but I’m not one that would spend hours doing researches online on a quest to hunt down the best mashed potatoes, most authentic Spaghetti Bolognese or the shop that makes the most perfect Mille Crepe in town which it’s crepe is at the correct thickness and the spread of pastry cream between each layer of crepe is just right . It just isn’t what I’m interested in or passionate about.

However, when it comes to cooking/ baking , it totally is a different story.

I never knew that i would be interested in cooking or baking, i always thought it was a tedious job ever since I was a kid but since witnessing the joy of others when they tried the food that I made for the first time, I had the impression that cooking could be my forte ya’ know ? Since then, I spent hours researching for recipes on the internet in search of the best among the best to bring the ultimate gastronomical adventure to the table for the family .

To sum it all up, it’s pretty obvious that I’m more interested in cooking and baking more than eating . ha-ha

Being new to the blogosphere, I hope you’ll bear with my photography and writing as I’m new to all these ( like a newborn ) and I genuinely want to share recipes of food that you would be able to cook or bake at a daily basis that would bring joy to your table as much as it brought mine .  

P.S. Everyone has different taste for food so if you find my recipe too salty or sweet, the broth or gravy too watery or thick , please feel free to add or reduce the amount of salt, sugar, water or cornstarch ( or flour ). 

P.S x2. It’s better to under season than over season when you’re cooking . You could always add more if you’re not satisfied with the taste of a dish but it would be tedious when you over seasoned the dish .



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